Witchcraft Book Box Club Unboxing


A witchy magical box for their first special box (as in the box is now Book Box Colour and printed rather than a sticker on a brown box and it is so gorgeous!). Starting with the book and going clockwise:

  • The Lost Witch by Melvin Burgess, I was going to preorder but guessed it’d be in this box. Then knew he was at YALC so I actually have two copies, one dedicated and one from the box.
  • A bookmark to match the book.
  • Promotional postcards.
  • A chocolate frog for all your witchcraft (it was very yummy!)
  • Invitation to the Clubhouse
  • Promotional bookmark for This Cruel Design (This Mortal Coil was awesome).
  • Portable Magic Book Pouch by Tea Cake Art. The design is gorgeous (though I admit I thought it was a sandwich carrier for lunch but love it either way).
  • A Spell for Wildflowers by Wildflower Favours. I thought this was such a cute thing to get!
  • Hubble Bubble Bath Potion by Midsummer Child. A great spell for a weary day!
  • Luna Lovegood candle by Madame Fiction. It smells delicious.
  • And a pair of super cute witchy earrings by Fairy Fountain Gifts.

I can’t wait for the next box and to read the book and I just really loved the box 🙂

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