Witches in the Woods Book Box Club Unboxing

Another one fo the few pictures I had where I was changing puzzles, so no nice background (now you see why I do puzzles to decorate my table? It’s so dull and sad). The theme for this box is an awesome one and the contents are lovely too. Starting on the top left corner and going counterclockwise (for a change):

  • Perfectly Preventable Deaths by Deirdre Sullivan. A very atmospheric witchy read I am enjoying a lot.
  • Vegan caramel marshmallows. I love them. Probably too much as there are none left. Sad face. I need more.
  • A coaster for Sabrina the Teenage Witch (the Netflix version), I haven’t watched it but I like the coaster, it is very nice and quite flat.
  • A promotional postcard.
  • Clubhouse invite. I love that they are personalised. One of my favoruite things here.
  • Tangleweed and Brine, the second bonus book of this box! I love the blue in this edition.
  • Perfectly Preventable Deaths print. I am tempted to find a quote to write in the space inside the glass dome.
  • A herbal hand cream, with a citrusy scent and in a decent size (which means it will be used up rather than languish forever in my house).
  • Forbidden Forest mug, very cute. My only dislike is that it is an enamel mug and those I use a lot less as they get hot too quickly and can burn your hand unless you’re camping or somewhere super cold.
  • The theme card which is gorgeous and fits the theme beautifully.

All in all, a nice box, stuck to theme and feels magica and lovely.

Seize The Crown Book Box Club Unboxing

A box for royalty, or at the very least, a box with a royal theme. Let’s start from the top left with the main thing, the book!

  • Romanov by Nadine Brandes. I think it is a retelling of Anastacia so I am intrigued.
  • Evil Queen mirror, maybe it will tell you who is the fairest of them all, or at the very least show you if your makeup is spot on 😛
  • Lost Princess candle, I wasn’t too keen on the scent of it but maybe it is just me and that sweet orange isn’t my thing.
  • A pair of socks inspired by The Cruel Prince. I like them even if I am not into that book.
  • Bathing salts, which look glorious and I am so happy for them being in the box (plus they match teh candle perfectly in looks)
  • Two psotcards for other books, Beauty Sleep which I reviewed recently and the sequel to Fandom
  • A bookmark to match the book.
  • The clubhouse invite, which lets you chat with the author and ask questions (alongisde the rest fo the subscribers but it is still awesome!)
  • The theme card in the center.

Probably not my favourite box, but not the worst either and I like receiving and, plus I am intrigued by the book and how well it will go (I am not always keen on retellings as some are not idea but some are really good. so wondering which way this will go).

Dream Teams Book Box Club Unboxing


Dream Teams is a great theme for a book box! I was all on board with this one and I was pleased with it. Now let’s go around the unboxing, starting on the theme card, and going clockwise:

  • Dream Teams theme card.
  • Stolen Time, I haven’t heard of this one so unsure how it will pan out, but usually their books push me out of my comfort zone of reading.
  • A publisher’s promotional bookmark
  • Underneath, there’s a cushion cover inspired by The Raven Boys (I am not crazy fan but I do love this cushion cover, it is gorgeous and I am now using it on my sofa).
  • Parabatai Oath candle, it has glitter and smells delicious so good one.
  • Unashamedly Bookish keyring, this is perfect for me and I love it so much!
  • 221B Bath Bar, I love Ascent products and this one doesn’t miss the mark (I discovered them thanks to a book box, can’t remember which one), it is divine and I am eager to use it.
  • Six of Crows print, I am not a Grisha fan but the print is delightful.
  • The invite to the Clubhouse meeting to discuss the book.

That’s all, I did like ti quite a bit and the only thing I wasn’t that keen into is the print, but I don’t really go crazy for prints anyway. The rest of the items will be well usede (and that keyring will get a lot of love).

Magic Potions Book Box Club Unboxing


I love the aesthetic feel of this box. And funnily enough, as you may have seen already, I have had a proof of Shadowscent and it was a book I loved the concept for, but wasn;t completely sold on the whole book. But now unto the box contents, let’s start with the book and go clockwise:

  • Shadowscent. The Darkest Bloom by P. M. Freestone. Heck I love the concept, this is the first book and I am curious about the next one. The finished copy is gorgeous!
  • A tumbler/reusable cup. It has a quote from the book and I loved this, in blue and it was perfect to keep at work where we get a discount on coffee/tea if we bring our own mug
  • Hot chocolate spoon. Of course, you can’t have a tumbler without having something to put in it, right? I love the hot chocolate spoons the girls add to their boxes when they do, so this is an absolute win to me (plus most chocolate spoons work in hot water and don’t require milk, which makes it work for me)
  • On the come up pin
  • Magic Potions theme card, the artwork is super cute and magical.
  • A Drink Me potion from Literary Galaxy. I like it however I don’t wear many necklaces so this isn’t going to be used much, but it is still gorgeous.
  • Clubhouse invite.
  • A roll on perfume that captures the scent of the “Darkest Bloom”, which is probably my favourite item from the box (and it was hard to choose a favourite), it smells amazing!
  • Two Can Keep a Secret pin, I am so happy for this book, it’s in my TBR.
  • Gorgeous Ex Libris stickers. They’re adorable, may not be used much because I would struggle to choose which book to use them on (I wish we had a whole booklet or many more of these).

I really enjoyed the whole coordination of the contents of the box and there is only one item I wouldn’t really use, so that was quite a surprise for me, and is always a bonus. I also love that a lot of it is centered on the book and the theme of the box, and it isn’t just to fill fandoms but rather unique items that you can enjoy if you’re bookish, but also if you are not bookish (meaning it makes for a nice gift to someone if you had bought it, even if they aren’t into all the fandoms). So very happy with this box, and looking forward to the March box!

Storytellers Book Box Club Unboxing


The theme for this box was a great start of the year. Storytellers try to tell themselves that they’ll finally write that story this year, or something along those lines (some do write, other procrastinate). And as such it is a great thing to do for the first box of the year. But let’s see what was inside, starting on the top left, with the book:

  • Monsters by Sharon Dogar. I am a bit undecided about this book. Mostly because I am not sure about books involving the “authors” and their lives fictionalised, but it looks also intriguing and I do love the cover design. So we shall see how it happens…
  • Storytelling magnet words. This is such a cool idea because I remember always wanting some of these and then I finally had some and was overwhelmed with how to use them (this set isn’t my first). One of the things that I liked is that the words are in different colours so that helps “see” them amongst the others.
  • A small notebook for all those ideas that may escape if you don’t write them down (maybe like birds). Can’t say no to this lovely notebook and cool design.
  • A very thick pouch (the insides were very thick and padded which surprised, I am used to having flimsy pouches in boxes and always lov eth slightly more sturdy ones).
  • A postcard illustration of the story.
  • A set of postcards about writing. I wasn’t crazy about them because I don’t send that many postcards (even if I do send a lot of books to people). Maybe I need a snail mail friend…
  • A sampler of Outside, which I love the cover and shall review soonish, I promise 🙂
  • The theme card which I kidna hid because I was rushign this picture, gotta make the most out of the little daylight we get.

It wasn’t a wow blow me away box, but it definitely was up to theme and I like that, and it had the original word magnet idea which was nice to see.

Rule the Stars Book Box Club Unboxing


The last Book Box Club of the year, and it has some interesting things in it. (Plus I didn’t guess this book, so yay!). Starting from the theem card and going clockwise:

  • Theme card, with a cute blue and pastel decoration.
  • The secret clubhouse invite, still personalised. I love the fact that those are still personalised in every box. It is one of my favourite things (but not the only one for sure) about Book Box Club.
  • Astronaut bath bomb. Isn’t it super cute? I loved it so much, it’s a cute shape and perfectly tehmed (and the blue matches the theme colours, so perfect too).
  • This Splintered Silence by Kayla Olson. This book gives me a bit of “The Loneliest Girl in the Universe vibes, and I genuinely hope it is as good as that one was.
  • Book Box Club 2019 calendar! I had my artwork in this year’s calendar but didn’t make artwork in time for this one, so woops! But the artwork from all the artists is gorgeous and I love it!
  • The Binging bookmark, which helped remind me to get this book on preorder.
  • A Cinder inspired candle, full of glitter, all the shiny!
  • A cool double sized zipper pouch/purse, which shows different pictures or rather, gives you a “front” and “back” view of it.

So let’s see, I liked the box but it wasn’t my most favourite sadly. Still, I am looking forward to another year of Book Box Club!


Smugglers & Thieves Book Box Club Unboxing


What do we do with a drunken sailor?  Early in the morning! ♪♫

Now that you have great background music for this unboxing, let’s go matey! Starting from the book on the top left, and going clockwise:

  • Only The Ocean by Natasha Carthew. I haven’t heard much of this book but it looks interesting and I am intrigued by it.
  • A Six of Crows Kaz and Inej tea towel, as if they were part of a card. I love the depiction of them and tea towels are one of those things that are usually a welcome item in a book box because it is hard to have too many teatowels (though I admit, the fabric of this one is a tiny bit not as absorbent as I’d like but oh well).
  • A quote and waves hanging banner. I am not the biggest on hanging stuff but I like somehow the simple yet soothing effect of it.
  • Print of the cover of the book. I do love that cover, it is gorgeous!
  • Promotional bookmarks from publishers.
  • Theme card and Clubhouse invitation (as always, the personalisation part of it is one of my favourite things.
  • Ship to neverland pin. Really dreamy gorgeous.
  • Wish bracelet. I adore receiving them and am happy that the girls keep sending one every now and then!
  • Promotional postcard..
  • Jack Sparrow chibi version magnetic bookmark.

A very blue box, and I liked it quite a bit. I am now eagerly awaiting for my next one to arrive and to see what the last box of the year is. Do you like bookboxes? I definitely recommend this one as you can get to chat with the author and ask questions later on.