Cursed Kingdoms Book Box Club Unboxing

One thing I admire about the girls is that somehow they’ve maanged to make a great box despite the delays in deliveries other boxes seem to be struggling with (and delayes in delivery, etc). The box even suffered from a change of the main featured book, but somehow they still made it on time. So, let’s unbox this, starting from the top center:

  • Zelle inspired soap.
  • The invite to the Clubhouse.
  • Framing both sides of the picture, are set of gorgeous prints that I can’t stop admiring.
  • A patch that says “Rule the World” (I am not big on patches, but I like this one is not iron on but more like “sew on”).
  • Seven Endless Forest, which is by the same author of Boneless Mercies and I am so excited to read it!
  • A sampler to The Book of Longings. I got hooked on Sue’s books with The Secret Life of Bees so was excited for this.
  • An eye mask to give you the best sleep out of a 100 year curse 😉
  • A biscuit, which was yummy and my husband even recognised which fairytale this was from without a hint from me.
  • Thorn, which I am utterly excited to read and heard great things about it.

There was also a promotional for Tales by Mail their middle grade box that will start soon.

All in all, I enjoyed the contents, the box doesn’t feel like less quality than usual (I’ve been feeling this with another book box so I highly appreciate all the care of this one) and one thing the girls get right is how the box looks all together not just each item. I am very pleased with it.

Natural Magic WeReadBox Unboxing

I managed to get a nice deal for the WeReadBox of November 2019, since there was some issues with the one for The Strangeworlds Travel Agency. As expected, as soon as I saw the fox theme I had to have it (what else, right?). So to unbox what is inside, let’s start on the top right:

  • A jigsaw puzzle for the image on the box. This is to match both books, and I love it.
  • The Clockwork Crow and The Velvet Fox, as the two featured books by Catherine Fisher.
  • A bookmark that is two sided one per book.
  • A super gorgeous fox enamel pin (it is inbetween the books).
  • A tiny acorn phone charm (it’s on top of the black piece of paper)
  • And the final item is a craft to make an ornament with an origami fox and crow and a cog.

This was my first WeReadBox and I am glad I got it, plus the theme was wonderful and it has a lot of foxes. The craft intrigues me, but you need to go to their website to find instructions and I kinda wish there had been instructions on the leaflet that comes with the books just in case, but otherwise I like the contents of the box and can’t wait to get the one for Strangeworlds!

Sparks Fly Illumicrate Unboxing

A slightly delayed unboxing of Illumicrate’s February box since the box itself was delayed due to the pandemic. So let’s see what was inside!

Starting from the center with the theme booklet, and going clockwise:

  • Sparks Fly theme booklet/spoiler card
  • A book shaped tin. I like these because they’re useful for trinkets and look so good on the shelves. This one is inspired by Stalking Jack the Ripper.
  • A roll-on perfume, it smells amazing even if the name makes for amusing “what scent are you wearing?” “I’m wearing god of lies”. I like the roll-on ones because they’re easy to apply and “top up”.
  • Sorcery of Thorns pop socket. I am a bit torn on this one. The quality looks bad and the artwork which is nice doesn’t look too great, so it is tricky (also, how often does one change the pop sockets? I haven’t changed the one on my phone since I first put it a few years ago, so this won’t get used any time soon).
  • Coasters inpired by A Darker Shade of Magic pairings.
  • Serpent & Dove inspired bookmark clip.
  • And the book, which is The Midnight Lie. I haven’t read any of the other books by the author, so I am curious to see how it reads.

All in all the box still feels like there’s not enough love going into it (I know that there was no coin so I am not taking any points out due to that, delays have been affecting everyone, this pandemic isn’t the reason the box wasn’t as great). I just wish I could feel all the care going into the boxes as they used to.

A Power Within Owlcrate Unboxing

So far, Owlcrate has been the overall favourite in the office and it is not hard to see why. They seem to have the most interesting items and feel like quality plus less “you only get it if you like the fandom” and more “even if you’re into the the fandom, you’ll enjoy this item” which helps attract people to the box (they love it at work). So what did this box include?

Starting from the top left corner and going clockwise:

  • Chain of Gold sampler. Don’t care much about it, but sure others did.
  • Throne of Glass playing cards. I am very much a “do not want this item if it is SJM inspired”, but I swooned for the deck here. The cards are more hard plastic than card stock, a gorgoeus purple with a stunning gold design and they feel amazing when you shuffle them. The artwork is an added bonus which is gorgeous (even if I have no clue who they are).
  • The monthly pin just underneath the card box, probably not the best one but not bad.
  • Ok, this for me was the best item in the box. A bento box with cutlery set and space for it. Look at it. It has the clips on the side to ensure it closes, it is just SO good and a cute light green. Oh, and the symbols are from Mistborn series and all the metal allomancies, which is extra bonus.
  • Another unusual item and I am so happy to have it, a glasses cleaning cloth. With stunning artwork and it came in a cute pouch and I was like “heck yeah, one to keep”.
  • The Magicians inspired keyring. It is fun and has gone into my collection.
  • Metallic bookmark ruler stencil thing that is just a wonderful little gadget to have insire a book for an artist or ruler seeking fiend like me.
  • The theme card with a gorgoeus lilar background I was just happy with (the whole thing is great)
  • Finally, the book. All the Stars and Teeth which I don’t much about but I like the cover and I am intrigued to read it, so we shall see how that goes.

All in all, it had a few new items I haven’t seen in other boxes and that Bento box fully blew me away. It was a stunning box and it is still the favourite overall (some people preferred February’s Fairyloot box over this one in the office, but most thought the Bento was too good).

The Guinevere Deception Review

The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White

Rating: MoonKestrel Logo2 20px MoonKestrel Logo2 20px MoonKestrel Logo2 20px MoonKestrel Logo2 20px Grey

This book was one that came in Tales of Trickery Owlcrate, and a few of us decided to buddy read it. Now, from previous reading of the author’s books, I was a bit unsure if I’d like it as I haven’t really clicked much with her books. But this is a book about Guinevere, and Arthurian legend which automatically makes me want to give it a chance (which I did).

Guinevere is one of those “naive, don’t know much about the world and the reader discovers through my eyes”. This kinda works but at the same time it doesn’t. Maybe because I’ve read other books about King Arthur and watched Merlin and all that, that the whole “oh, discover the world” wasn’t as intriguing and got old relatively fast. But it did help see the interpretation of the Arthurian world int he book, and how magic is banned and there’s some magic supporters but it is a tough decision for Arthur and he’s sticking by it.

Now, we know little of Guinevere except that she isn’t actually her and has another name she has to forget (mild spoiler alert: we never really find out her name, she conveniently forgets it, somehow, which really put me off because it is solely for the purpose fo making you read the next book). And she knows magic and is being married of to Arthur so she can protect him and make sure everything is fine. I found the concept of the whole she isn’t who she is, and the “is magic good or should it be banned, but there’s bad magic?” intriguing.

However, this quickly became a guide to “knot magic” without actually even telling you how to do the know magic. What do I mean by this? Her magic is knots, and she makes them for everything. So every few pages, she decides she needs magic to protect Arthur or set a warning or some odd thing and goes on about needing knots and how the knot makes magic but it isn’t like Merlin’s magic. And it gets old fast as there is nothing new there except what we already know from fae lore and from Arthurian legend.

In general, the book feels like it dragged to try to make a full book just to sell more books into the story. Some fo the twists on characters were refreshing and made me like the book, but it just felt like it dragged and some of the twists felt like they went against everything and were plot characters rather than actual fleshed out characters and solely relied on you being familiar with Arthurian legend (or maybe not so you don’t care) to fill in the gaps.

All in all, I just really wish this had been a duology or a better fleshed book. There’s not enoguh of the magic explained, and just barely anything explained to move the plot forward much except sending Arthur on adventures to keep him busy so Guinevere can do more knots (I ended up rolling my eyes at this all after a while), and getting cryptic chapters to fill int he gaps with more useful information (that only really gets useful closer to the middle-end).

Not sure if I will buy the next one or read it. Depends on if someone thinks it is great and redeems the story.

Roses are Red Book Box Club Unboxing

Can’t believe it is March already! But this is an unboxing for the February box from Book Box Club. The theme was Roses are Red which is very much a “romantic” one and as such I wasn’t too sure what to expect. A romantic book box without being too cliche or too much is hard to do, but the girls managed it amazingly.

I have no theme card, which I am not sure why, but my box was quite bashed on one side, so maybe it fell out or something? Who knows… But I’ll start the unboxing from the main book and go around clockwise.

  • The Upside of Falling. I’ve heard good things about this book, so I am curious even if romance and contemporary aren’t usually my thing. It came with a recipe which I am curious to try.
  • Just me & my book Tote bag. This is cute and I am usually happy with tote bags.
  • Ok, this is my favoruite part. A mug cake Belgian Chocolate brownie mix.
  • And not only that, it came with a mug! *excited* I usually complain that we get sent one item and nothing to go with it, but in this case, it is a perfect match and I love it. Plus the mug is cute and full of books and lots of references that I kept going “oh, oh, oooh”.
  • A notepad, again, these don’t go wrong for me unless they are hideous but this isn’t a bad one, it is even nice for notes or letters.
  • Promotional stuff for releases coming soon by publishers.
  • A roses are red hair scrunchie. This is probably the item that was the most sweet and probably the one I wouldn’t use (mostly I don’t use scrunchies). But I love the fact we get something useful and cute and just very nice quality.

I really enjoyed the box, it has a lot of items I would use or can see being used a lot without feeling like they are exclusively bookish or tied to a specific fandom you may not like or relate to. I am happy with it and my husband is extra happy about the mug brownie (I will have a few spoonfuls but he’ll benefit the most out of it).

Magical Realms Book Box Club Unboxing

The third anniversary Book Box Club box was packed full of wonderful magical things. Starting with the theme card on the bottom right and going clockwise:

  • Theme card, with a gorgeous magical illustration.
  • Ten Thousand Doors postcard
  • Personalised Clubhouse invite. (The Clubhouse is awesome, we get to chat with the author and ask questions and chat between us).
  • A super gorgeous book sleeve that matches the book but also stands well on its own.
  • The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow. I’ve been very excited about this book and can’t wait to read it and also have a chance to chat with Alix at the clubhouse!
  • Elsewhere room spray, meant to evoke the scent of the magical realm of the book.
  • Take me to Narnia bath melt. It smells wonderful and looks gorgeous, can’t wait to use it in a nice bath.
  • Spirited Away magnetic bookmark, it is super cute and I was just excited to see it in a book box (more Ghibli stuff in book boxes!)
  • Night Circus pin, also extremely gorgeous and dreamy.
  • Featured book bookmark and a promotional bookmark for the M word.

As you can see the box was full of many “doors” to magical worlds, through scent, or scenes or a book…

Blood & Blades Illumicrate Unboxing

My very first Illumicrate box included this hardcover book with a crow and a red sun on the cover (sound familiar?). So it wasn’t any surprise that when they announced they w0uld be doing a special edition for Darkdawn, I had to have it (plus they special editions boxes are stunning!).

My very first Illumicrate. I had zero clue on how to do unboxing pictures.

As you can see above, Nevernight wan’t the only book and it didn’t have an author letter like The Graces did. Nevernight was the “afterthought”, the second book, rather than the main one. Back then the boxes weren’t themed either and it was way more of a surprise what you could get…

But back to the main thing, the Darkdawn box. Because we’ve come to the end of the trilogy.

Look at that, I have a slightly better idea what I am doing with an unboxing, and this time the blanket underneath is not one I made myself, but part of the box. Oh how time goes by! Let’s unbox this, starting from the top left corner and going clockwise:

  • Underneath everything, a Mr Kindly and Eclipse blanket. It is the softest thing ever and I love it!
  • Nevernight Short-Form Series Extras, a kind of script and sneak peek book for what Piera Forde has been doing on trying to adapt it to “film”.
  • A wooden map of Itreya. I don’t know what I will use it for, but I really like it.
  • Mr Kindly bath bomb by Geeky Clean. This smells gorgeous and I am looking forward to using it in my bath.
  • Contents zine.
  • A gorgeous mug called “Goodnight Kiss”, but spoilers, so yeah…
  • Darkdawn book, with yellow edges (like the Italian edition if I got it right). (Sadly I prefer the dark edges, but I think part of it is I am not a fan of yellow).
  • On top of it, a Mia magnetic coin.
  • A print of Mia and Trik (same artwork as the script thing extra stuff)
  • Three, the extra content/deleted scene.
  • Character bookmarks that are double sided.
  • Foil (it is super extra stunning) Hard at work print of Mia.
  • A gorgeous book sleeve with two different sides, A Story to Tell.
  • Mia “Funko Pop” style figurine.
  • Two amazing pins by Fable and Black. I was blown away by them!
  • Finally, close to the mug, the Corvere crest as a necklace.

All in all, a very full box with lots of stunning items! Illumicrate did an amazing job and I am glad I bought that first box with Nevernight way back when (I have been subscribed to them since then…)

Armed and Dangerous Illumicrate Unboxing

I was very excited about the theme of this box and I liked the contents, so let’s see what was in it. Starting from the book on the left and going clockwise:

  • Gideon the Ninth, necromancy, space, what else do you need?
  • Sister Apple inspired liquid soap. I am fond of liquid soaps as they work great as shaving creams (as they’re fancy ones and usually handmade or at least, small business made).
  • Weapons bag, which is the perfect Illumicrate colour. The size is wonderful for a summer day when a jacket is too much but I still want to carry minimal stuff and at the moment I only have one suitable small bag, so this is a great thing to find in the box (the only thing that would make it better is if it was black)
  • The collectible coin, it’s Lila Bard, but still not convinced on the coins.
  • Above there’s a promotional map.
  • A gorgeous mug designed by Rosie, it is not enamel but ceramic but it is gorgeous. A happy Moon here.
  • A Scythe for opening bottles (it is nicely heavy and SO gorgeous).
  • A Cutlery set which made me very very happy and is now at work on my desk. Plus it came with a metal straw. Really really happy with this part.
  • The theme booklet.
  • Gideon the Ninth trading cards (though there weren’t nine of them in it, wonder if the why is in the book which I haven’t read).

As you can see, there’s very little I didn’t really like (moslty the coin) so this was a great box for me and quite handy. I loved the cutlery set and bottle opener but all of it was nice to get. Looking forward to the September box! ❤

Libraries of Wonder Owlcrate Unboxing

I mean with a theme like that, hard to resist, right? (Also, sorry this is a boring picture, I was between puzzles decorating my table so didn’t have a “background” except the actual table. Woops) And I have to say it was definitely worth it. Let’s do the unboxing from top left corner and going clockwise:

  • Theme card and zine. I generally enjoy the artwork and this isn’t the exception.
  • Key shaped gel pen. It is a gorgeous blue key, and it is a pen, and even better, it is a gel pen (the only thing that could top up this is if it was a fountain pen!)
  • Underneath it is a tote bag inspired by Strange the Dreamer. I like the bag it has a more “bottom” shaped design which made it a bit more useful for carrying stuff as it keesp shape nicely.
  • Book Beau coffee. This smells good but I am frustrated to no end as there are NO instructions on it, or anything that says how fine the coffee has been grinded, or literally anything useful (is it just coffee? does it have some spices grinded into it? Who knows?!). I even tried searching Book Beau’s site and she has zero info about the coffee, not even ifn their FAQ.
  • Metal bookends which are Narnia themed (and it was easy to see that and they are freaking gorgeous!)
  • The collectible pin. I have to say the pins have only gotten better each box. And this one is utterly gorgeous
  • Spoiler card
  • Gorgeous coasters. I love the style of them, they feel vintage but not tacky or what everyone else has, they’re unique.
  • Sorcery of Thorns sticker.
  • The book, I like this cover and I like the original and I am looking forward to reading the book.

All in all, a very strong box from Owlcrate, I am quite pleased except for the whole coffee without ANY useful information on it (please, if you’re senidng coffee, hot chocolate, tea, have a list of ingredients, some helpful info!). The rest of it is gorgeous and dreamy and fits the theme perfectly.

Adventure Awaits Illumicrate Unboxing


First proper monthly Illumicrate. I have liked their quarterly boxes (and their special editions) for too long to not give this a go.  So here we go. Startin from the theme card on the far right bottom corner and going clockwise:

  • Theme booklet. ~I like that you have to open it to see what is in the box, so you don’t spoil yourself accidentally.
  • LOTR pins. That Eye of Sauron, is so beautifully detailed!
  • The red and blue notebooks aren’t together but they’re meant to be a set of them inspired by The Raven Cycle (interesting that also Book Box Club box had something to do with this fandom, however, totally different items and both gorgeous).
  • Excalibur water bottle, which came at a good time as I have resolved to drink more water at work, so this one is now on my desk.
  • Muse of Nightmares postcard
  • Mistborn socks. I have a soft spot for socks, and this pair is discreet enough but also gorgeous, so win.
  • The Grand Tour mug rug, I have used it as a “teapot” rug instead and a “cooking pot” one too, and it is great at that. I had no clue what fandom it was at a glance and Grand Tour to me means cars and Amazon Prime show, so I knew I had it wrong. It is from The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice & Virtue and their tour (I wasn’t into this series, so yeah, wouldn’t have guessed).
  • Once & Future, the book and a “card” with the author letter. The book ahs gorgeous teal sprayed edges and I was smitten immediately!
  • PROUD bookmark
  • Do you dream of Terra Two? sampler. (Interesting but doesn’t feel like my thing…)

So overall, I liked this box. It felt a little more hodgepodge than the usual quarterly boxes but I am hoping this gets better as they make more monthly ones and figure out how to make it work.

Dream Teams Book Box Club Unboxing


Dream Teams is a great theme for a book box! I was all on board with this one and I was pleased with it. Now let’s go around the unboxing, starting on the theme card, and going clockwise:

  • Dream Teams theme card.
  • Stolen Time, I haven’t heard of this one so unsure how it will pan out, but usually their books push me out of my comfort zone of reading.
  • A publisher’s promotional bookmark
  • Underneath, there’s a cushion cover inspired by The Raven Boys (I am not crazy fan but I do love this cushion cover, it is gorgeous and I am now using it on my sofa).
  • Parabatai Oath candle, it has glitter and smells delicious so good one.
  • Unashamedly Bookish keyring, this is perfect for me and I love it so much!
  • 221B Bath Bar, I love Ascent products and this one doesn’t miss the mark (I discovered them thanks to a book box, can’t remember which one), it is divine and I am eager to use it.
  • Six of Crows print, I am not a Grisha fan but the print is delightful.
  • The invite to the Clubhouse meeting to discuss the book.

That’s all, I did like ti quite a bit and the only thing I wasn’t that keen into is the print, but I don’t really go crazy for prints anyway. The rest of the items will be well usede (and that keyring will get a lot of love).

Dragons Fairyloot Unboxing


I broke my “no more Fairyloot” ban because who can resist dragons, right? But somehow, despite it being a nice box, I didn’t feel like it was as great as could be. Let’s have a look at the items, starting fromt he left and going towards the right:

  • Theme postcard, this one I liked, but we already knew what the artwork was going to be.
  • Fire & Heistby Sarah Beth Durst. I had this one on my list of preorders so definite win here.
  • A Reading Journal, this one is less fancy than the one in Owlcrate, so even less excited about it than I was by Owlcrate’s. I already use Goodreads and blog about what I read. And I’ve never been good at keeping journals and sticking to it.
  • The Storm Crow ARC. My favourite item of this box, because I really want to read this book and it was great to get a proof so early for it!
  • A Gringotts Escape Dragon book sleeve. The artwork is nice, but the sleeve is bulky and not as good as most of the ones I already have (I understand that mass produced sleeves can’t compare to handmade ones, but I prefer the handmade ones much more). This is one of those items I am not keeping.
  • At the top, is a hidden “pin banner”, which is literally a piece of fabric on a stick. Mine came loose from the stick so I had to reattach it and I saw it and just went “why did you include this?!” Single banners are a bit meh already, but this one doesn’t even have any print or something on it. You could’ve added a title of “my pin/badge collection” or “bookdragon treasures/shinies” and make it a lot more attractive. This felt like a cheap item just added to pad up the box.
  • First two cards of their trading cards, I think they’re tarot based. And they’re quite big and heavy.
  • Double sided print with Toothless and Manon (why do you do double sided prints? It means I have to choose one side to display and the other to damage with whatever I use to glue/stick it to whatever way I display it?).
  • Second favourite item, a glow in the dark dragon necklace (it glows in the dark, the child in me loves this part of it and has extra points). This is also the most “dragon” item of the box.

So, half of the items or more are things I didn’t like, which means I had made the right choice to not buy more Fairyloot boxes because I wasn’t happy with the items. (I know other people may like them, but because I subscribe and try so many book boxes, I am picky with the ones I stick to).

I also felt it wasn’t as full of dragons as it could’ve been. Toothless was fun but maybe it’d be great for it to not just be a print (plus an item was missing!). I just wish the box would include a lot less paper items, and focus to keep the theme really into theme. The focus on big items is also making the rest of the box pay for it, which is kind sad.

Power of Illusions Owlcrate Unboxing



(I was trying to make a pun, I am not good at them).

This is December’s Owlcrate. Owlcrate were my first subscription box back in the day (2015), and introduced me to the magic of ADSOM/Schwab. I did stop my subscription but last year (this is weird to write… it doesn’t feel like last year yet, or rather like this is a new year) I started it again, with the mindset of skipping the boxes I didn’t care about or that didn’t really catch my attention.

December’s theme sounded intriguing and I had had my eye on the book, so it was a good one to have. Usually I go in a circle, but this panoramic puzzle means I am starting from the left and finishing on the right:

  • King of Fools sampler, this is an exclusive sampler for Owlcrate, and also, the book is the sequel for Ace of Shades. I wasn’t crazy about Daughter of the Burning City (it was one of the first “this is too predictable, I am not crazy about it” books I read) so this is one of those items I am a bit meh about. It also doesn’t really get me because I didn’t read Ace of Shades.
  • Amber & Dusk by Lyra Selene. And it has an Owlcrate exclusive cover, which I find I like it more this way rather than the original. This comes signed and with an author letter.
  • On top of the book is an “amber pendant necklace” (not real amber, and it is golden so for me it was more of a “trinket” item but I am sure someone else would find it cute).
  • The zine with the theme artwork underneath the book.
  • A Reading Planner (collaboration with Blue Star Press), which I have never really used one of them but I like this one quite a bit. It is pretty, in a spiral bound style which helps a lot to make the most of both sides of the pages. And it is very colourful and positive looking.
  • The Crown’s Game inspired tree ornament by Juniper and Ivy Designs. It is very intricate and it went straight unto my Christmas tree.
  • Theme postcard and badge.
  • Caraval quote tote bag, by Stella Bookish Art. not particularly crazy about it, but I use tote bags for my shopping so won’t complain either.
  • A Queen Levana inspired candle by Flick the Wick. The candle smells really delicious and the fandom is The Lunar Chronicles. This is probably one of my favourite items but I am partial to candles (if the scents work for me).
  • A magnet with a Night Circus quote by Ink & Wonder Designs. Not crazy about it either.

All in all it was a nice box, there were items I liked a lot and the exclusive cover was one I liked more than the original, which is a plus. But on the other hand, I am a bit tired of seeing tote bags/cushions/quotes from Caraval in the same style or similar one. I know they choose fandoms that are “big” but I’d like to see smaller fandoms or just things that stick to the theme without being exclusively the same fandom every other box and their uncle/aunt has included already.

What would I’ve liked to see in this box? Maybe a card set and some “magic tricks” guide or maybe a small magic trick gimmick that made me feel like a magician? (Maybe a wand that brings flowers out?) It definitely would have made me smile a lot and probably laugh trying to master the trick and then trying said trick on friends and family.

Smugglers & Thieves Book Box Club Unboxing


What do we do with a drunken sailor?  Early in the morning! ♪♫

Now that you have great background music for this unboxing, let’s go matey! Starting from the book on the top left, and going clockwise:

  • Only The Ocean by Natasha Carthew. I haven’t heard much of this book but it looks interesting and I am intrigued by it.
  • A Six of Crows Kaz and Inej tea towel, as if they were part of a card. I love the depiction of them and tea towels are one of those things that are usually a welcome item in a book box because it is hard to have too many teatowels (though I admit, the fabric of this one is a tiny bit not as absorbent as I’d like but oh well).
  • A quote and waves hanging banner. I am not the biggest on hanging stuff but I like somehow the simple yet soothing effect of it.
  • Print of the cover of the book. I do love that cover, it is gorgeous!
  • Promotional bookmarks from publishers.
  • Theme card and Clubhouse invitation (as always, the personalisation part of it is one of my favourite things.
  • Ship to neverland pin. Really dreamy gorgeous.
  • Wish bracelet. I adore receiving them and am happy that the girls keep sending one every now and then!
  • Promotional postcard..
  • Jack Sparrow chibi version magnetic bookmark.

A very blue box, and I liked it quite a bit. I am now eagerly awaiting for my next one to arrive and to see what the last box of the year is. Do you like bookboxes? I definitely recommend this one as you can get to chat with the author and ask questions later on.