Favourites Fairyloot Unboxing


I bit the bullet for March’s Fairyloot because I wanted both book that would be in it, and a theme of Favourites should be pretty spectacular, right? Sadly, this box confirmed that I am not that into their boxes.

But let’s see what was inside, starting from the top left corner and going clockwise:

  • Three prints. The only one I recognised was the Warcross one. Apparently the other two are from The Cruel Prince and An Ember in the Ashes. The artwork is nice, but 3 paper items aren’t really winning me over for this box.
  • A golden metal bookmark that is embossed and inspired by Strange The Dreamer. I liked it but it’s not that amazing and the design gets lost in the metal.
  • Theme postcard.
  • Alice in Wonderland socks, probably one of the best items as I do like socks. But also, nothing special about them. I can easily buy socks like this just going to Oxford for the day and visiting the Alice shop.
  • Bookworm Page Tabs. I like page tabs and have loved the potion ones they sent in a previous box, but this ones are less striking. Still not too bad, not too good, or rather, not a favourite.
  • Theme bookmark
  • Tarot cards, not collecting them  so neither here nor there for me. The artwork was very nice which at least was a bonus here.
  • Viper by Bex Hogan. That cover is gorgeous and I am so happy with this!
  • Author letter with artwork (for To Best the Boys)
  • To Best the Boys by Mary Weber, also another book I am looking forward to reading!
  • A purple Fairyloot pin. I wasn’t crazy about it, it is a bit “blurry” so not really stunning or striking.
  • And finally, underneath it all, a scarf with “favourite” books. It has spelling errors (I proof and proof my artwork if it has text, and when I “interpret” titles, I change to other words, not just omit letters), it is too translucent to actually show the books as books when you wear it, just looks like blots of colour, so not impressed. The artwork in itself has mmostly titles I don’t care about and that aren’t favourites.

All in all I was underwhelmed by the box. My favourite items were the books only, nothing else really made me think “oh yes, my favourites”, so for me the theme missed the mark. I am sure others loved it, but since I buy too many boxes and preorder too many books I have to be picky with what I get and sadly Fairyloot isn’t for me.


Dragons Fairyloot Unboxing


I broke my “no more Fairyloot” ban because who can resist dragons, right? But somehow, despite it being a nice box, I didn’t feel like it was as great as could be. Let’s have a look at the items, starting fromt he left and going towards the right:

  • Theme postcard, this one I liked, but we already knew what the artwork was going to be.
  • Fire & Heistby Sarah Beth Durst. I had this one on my list of preorders so definite win here.
  • A Reading Journal, this one is less fancy than the one in Owlcrate, so even less excited about it than I was by Owlcrate’s. I already use Goodreads and blog about what I read. And I’ve never been good at keeping journals and sticking to it.
  • The Storm Crow ARC. My favourite item of this box, because I really want to read this book and it was great to get a proof so early for it!
  • A Gringotts Escape Dragon book sleeve. The artwork is nice, but the sleeve is bulky and not as good as most of the ones I already have (I understand that mass produced sleeves can’t compare to handmade ones, but I prefer the handmade ones much more). This is one of those items I am not keeping.
  • At the top, is a hidden “pin banner”, which is literally a piece of fabric on a stick. Mine came loose from the stick so I had to reattach it and I saw it and just went “why did you include this?!” Single banners are a bit meh already, but this one doesn’t even have any print or something on it. You could’ve added a title of “my pin/badge collection” or “bookdragon treasures/shinies” and make it a lot more attractive. This felt like a cheap item just added to pad up the box.
  • First two cards of their trading cards, I think they’re tarot based. And they’re quite big and heavy.
  • Double sided print with Toothless and Manon (why do you do double sided prints? It means I have to choose one side to display and the other to damage with whatever I use to glue/stick it to whatever way I display it?).
  • Second favourite item, a glow in the dark dragon necklace (it glows in the dark, the child in me loves this part of it and has extra points). This is also the most “dragon” item of the box.

So, half of the items or more are things I didn’t like, which means I had made the right choice to not buy more Fairyloot boxes because I wasn’t happy with the items. (I know other people may like them, but because I subscribe and try so many book boxes, I am picky with the ones I stick to).

I also felt it wasn’t as full of dragons as it could’ve been. Toothless was fun but maybe it’d be great for it to not just be a print (plus an item was missing!). I just wish the box would include a lot less paper items, and focus to keep the theme really into theme. The focus on big items is also making the rest of the box pay for it, which is kind sad.

August Fairyloot Unboxing


This is sadly my last Fairyloot box for now, I have had to umm and err a lot about it, the contents just haven’t been wowing me and I try to only keep book boxes that give me joy when I open them. Anyway, starting from the book and going clockwise:

  • These Rebel Waves (loved the colour of the sprayed edges!)
  • Author letter and character art.
  • Sweet Pea magical scrub from Geeky Clean.
  • Banner flag, with a slight error in spelling but the phrase is good.
  • Tiny magnet.
  • Why is the Rum Always Gone water bottle (I liked this item and it made me smile).
  • Candle, this one had a too subtle scent it was really hard to actually get any scent from it which made a bit sad, I love candles).
  • Pirate Wax Seal, woot!!!! This was a great addition to the box and it made me smile to see it there.
  • Theme card and bookmark.

It wasn’t a bad box to end this with, and I hope that they can entince me with further themes.

The Power Within Fairyloot Unboxing


A mixed box of feelings for me. Some items were very good but the rest were not enough. Let’s do the unboxing starting from the book and going clockwise:

  • Heart of Thorns by Bree Barton. It has red sprayed edges (beautiful) and expect a review soon (like in two days).
  • Sweet Black Waves postcard.
  • Author letter/character art print.
  • Fairyscope hidden underneath.
  • Children of Blood and Bone print (one of my favourite things from this box).
  • Theme card.
  • Witchy broomstick with a quote referencing Quidditch.
  • Colour changing mug. Sadly it is just a quote in colours, it isn’t a wonderful picture or some fun effect, which is a shame as Ink & Wonder designs are usually delightful and lovely.
  • Wrongly printed tea towel (they are sending one that isn’t reversed, no one thoguht to check this before printing sadly).
  • A room spray from Geeky Clean.


Rebels in Ballgowns Fairyloot Unboxing


This sounded like an exciting theme so I kept my subscription and here we are, starting from the theme card on the top right and moving clockwise:

  • Theme/Spoiler card.
  • Nevernight/Godsgrave inspired  by Geeky Clean. It smells qutie enticing and it is lovely in a glass jar.
  • Reading Journal, which looks quite interesting and I hope I will use it, though I admit I suck at journalling 😦
  • Cushion Cover, I do like some of them but there have been too many recently in Fairyloot so I wasn’t too keen to receive yet another one (and specially if it is mostly just a quote).
  • Grace & Fury, with author letter, signed bookplate, postcard and theme bookmark.
  • Mask necklace, which was my absolute favourite item from this box.
  • Sea Witch sampler poster from publisher.
  • Ink and Wonder patch, their designs are always so lovely and it was interesting to see them in a patch (but seriously, why patches, I never use patches!)
  • Shatter Me magnetic bookmarks, they are surprisingly heavy and detailed.

It was a nice box but I have to say I was a little sad to see another cushion cover in it and a patch (even if it is Ink and Wonder). But I am looking forward to reading the book.

Save The Kingdom FairyLoot Unboxing


This was a very epic theme and I was looking forward to the book so I was very happy to see it in this box (Also I have to say I loved the artwork and for some odd reason it made me think of Joan d’Arc. So let’s unbox it starting from the book and going clockwise:

  • Onyx & Ivory by Mindee Arnett. Again really looking forward to reading this.
  • Castle shaped bath bomb by Little Hearts Gifts.
  • Throne of Glass Quote Markers/Page Markers, the sticky kind, by FictionTea Designs..
  • Theme postcard, very epic indeed.
  • Smoke in the Sun and Legendary publisher’s goodies.
  • Coaster by Evie Bookish (they had sent a similar one that I really liked and I loved it so I am happy about this one)
  • Wake Up Tea from the Tea Leaf Co.
  • Dalbreck (Remnant) Lip Scrub by GeekyClean. Mine is Melon flavoured and though I haven’t tried it yet I really like it!
  • Quote book sleeve by Reverie & Ink, this is cute but not my favourite book sleeve (I am not big on quotes in stuff except maybe coasters).
  • Artwork and author letter.
  • Theme bookmark.

All in all it was a good box and I wonder how the next one will be.


Whimsical Journeys Fairyloot Unboxing

When I saw the theme and that it had a unicorn I couldn’t resist this box from Fairyloot.


Starting from the theme card and going clockwise, let’s unbox this!:

  • Theme card, with a unicorn so win for me!
  • Artwork and authors letter (the letter is on the other side)
  • Ace of shades badge
  • Magical Beasts luggage tag by Lovely Owls Books, which I found to be a fun item and useful (part of me doesn’t want to use it because I don’t it to be stolen!)
  • Themed bookmark
  • Blackjack Enamel Pin by Taratjah.
  • Beyond A Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake. This looks right up my street and I am eager to read it!
  • Fictional Places Print by Fiction Tea Designs.
  • Narnia Reusable Travel Mug by Ink and Wonder. I was so pleased with this because I only have one now and had been looking into getting a new one. 🙂
  • Carpe Diem notepad, this was a bit odd and I haven’t read The Darkest Minds, but it is a pad so it will be used/
  • Leif’s Ship Candle by Flick The Wick, smells delicious and I totally want to burn it forever.