The Way of the House Husband Vol 1 Review

The Way of the Household Husband Vol 1 Review

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Ok, the best way to tell you about this is to let you watch this video, but if you watch it you probably won’t need to read my review to know about the book.

I thought the idea of an ex-yakuza boss becoming a house husband was intriguing and would do for a lot of fun. And it definitely does. He takes his house chores very very seriously. It isn’t just the cooking or the cleaning, but even going to a sale and shopping and the best part is that he is good at it.

But it isn’t just that he is a house husband and that he takes his chores seriously, we also meet his wife (and kinda understand why he chose this new path and calling) and we meet an an ex “colleague” who is still part of the yakuza but struggling without the “boss”. This ensues in hilarious interactions. There is so much fun between our main character just trying to be a man and have a clean home and present his wife with delicious food, and his past trying hard to catch up with him.

And it does try a few times.

I giggled a lot at this and remembered how much I enjoy silly comedy in manga and I haven’t seen this take before, so I had a blast!

So, if you want a laugh about super “intensive” yakuza version of being a the one in charge of house chores, this is a brilliant funny read to enjoy!

A Polar Bear in Love Vol. 1 Review


A Polar Bear in Love Vol. 1 by Koromo

A polar bear falls in love with a seal, but the seal thinks the polar bear is trying to eat it!

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This was a random purchase where I stumbled upon it, thought it was very cute and bought it alongside the other 3 volumes that I found in English.

I regret nothing! It is utterly cute, with this polar bear finding a “baby” (not that young but still in “baby” fur) seal and falling in love at first sight. The poor seal cannot comprehend this and so it is hilarious to read, but also extremely cute. I kept laughing so hard my boyfriend actually came to check in on me to figure out what I was reading.

Mostly, there are a lot of puns, a lot of insight into love, and what it means to be prey and predator (it also touches on privilege). It is impressive how much it touches about social commentary yet it is so simple, cute and lovely.

The artwork is great at simplifying things but also adds a lot of detail (and considering this is all in the North Pole, well, what props do you have except ice, snow, some ocean, and mostly white animals?)



Princess Jellyfish Volume 2 Review


Princess Jellyfish Volume 2 by Akiko Higashimura

With the geeky paradise of Amamizu-kan threatened by redevelopment plans, Tsukimi and the Amars must spring into action. Buy the wily Inari and her hold on Shu forces Kuranosuke to pull out all the stops: money, blackmail, and…fashion?! Though Amamizu-kan still struggles with Kuranosuke’s stylish ways, the neighborhood fashionista has too much to lose, whether it’s a hidden identity or priceless friendships. Tsukimi gets the chance to make her jellyfish dreams into a glamorous reality, but that means breaking out of her bubble! Can these misfit princesses save their castle?

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This particular volume of Princess Jellyfish features more of the funny interactions and gorgeous artwork. On the other hand it is a slow story development. Not that it doesn’t have a story to tell, but more as in it is figuring out how they all get along, and what defines each of the AMARS ladies, and Tsukimi, Kuranosuke, and Shu.

It does develop a little on who Shu is, and why he finds Tsukimi attractive. And in general we learn more about how Kuranosuke gets along with his family (not much of his usual frineds before he met Tsukimi), but it is also a case of asking why he likes AMARS so much?

We still see little to no progress in saving the building, but at least AMARS seems to be warming up to it more and to be a team, which is a good team, considering how much they struggle with interacting with others.

Moon recommends

Go read the first volume of Princess Jellyfish, but if you are following, keep reading the series with Volume 2 (I have now all the volumes and may do a joint review of a few of them soon).

I bought the cute octopus/jellyfish at a craft fair, and it is cute and somehow fits well with this series.

Princess Jellyfish Volume 1


Princess Jellyfish Volume 1 by Akiko Higashimura

Tsukimi Kurashita has a strange fascination with jellyfish. She’s loved them from a young age and has carried that love with her to her new life in the big city of Tokyo. There, she resides in Amamizukan, a safe-haven for girl geeks who regularly gush over a range of things from trains to Japanese dolls. However, a chance meeting at a pet shop has Tsukimi crossing paths with one of the things that the residents of Amamizukan have been desperately trying to avoid—a beautiful and fashionable woman! But there’s much more to this woman than her trendy clothes! This odd encounter is only the beginning of a new and unexpected path for Tsukimi and her friends.

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I love jellyfish(es). They are beautiful, and I remember finding this manga online and falling utterly in love with it (I even have a jellyfish tattoo).

And it is obvious our author does too because the pages of jellyfish are awesome, and Tsukimi is super cute. She thinks she’s not, and she struggles socially, but then Kuranosuke appears and somehow starts ploughing into her world and shaking yingup. Even worse because she isn’t a she but a he that dresses up as a woman, and one thing Tsukimi and the group of women she lives with, the AMARS, can’t do with is men!

But Tsukimi feels slightly in debt as Kuranosuke helped her save Clara (a jellyfish) from slowly dying. And at first thinks Kuranosuke is a girl, but alas, finds out he isn’t and has to hide it from the rest of the AMARS.

Each of the AMARS has their own “otaku” obsession, dolls, the Three Kingdoms, old men, jellyfish, trains.. And most of them are over 30 (except Tsukimi who is 18) and dependent on their parents.

Yes, it sounds odd, but it is a funny comic story with gorgeous clothes, amazing jellyfish and cute Tsukimi.

Moon recommends

You can read the first volume of Princess Jellyfish, or maybe try the anime (as there is one, which I haven’t seen because I wanted to re-read up to where I stopped reading and collect the manga first).