Rebels with a Cause Owlcrate Unboxing

As I mentioned on ym previous unboxing, there was another box doing Incendiary and I was curious to see what was included instead for items, so let’s see what Owlcrate did (also, the theme is different). Starting on Incendiary top left corner and going clockwise:

  • Incendiary, Owlcrate edition.
  • Stickers, whcih I usually enjoy becuase stickers are fun, bonus points if they are the kind you can unstick. The ones here are less exciting as they are quotes and I prefer more image stickers than quotes.
  • The collectible pin, I think it’ll make more sense once I read the book.
  • Theme card.
  • 10 metal straws, in a cute pouch with cleaning brushes. 5 of them with a bend and 5 straight ones. I like this because it gives you enough straws to have around.
  • Witchy, which I have reviewed before but for a different press, and this cover is also gorgeous. Great choice.
  • The pouch for the straws.
  • Pot holders, probably the most boring one of the items since they are just quotes rather than something fun, but I like they’re brihgt as it makes them easier to find!
  • A gorgeous wooden magnet that immediately went on the fridge because it is so elegant and simple yet beautiful.

All in all I liked the contents of the box and was happy with it. I would’ve liked less quote items and more image ones but that’s more personal prefernece rather than thinking the items aren’t great.

Full Moon Magic Owlcrate Unboxing

Another moon themed box and now from Owlcrate, which meant a lot of excitement from me as I love moon themed boxes and I was curious to see what was inside this one. Starting from the theme card in the bottom left and going clockwise:

  • Theme card. I generally love the artwork in their theme cards and this is gorgeous.
  • The monthly pin which is an owl and moon phases, stunning.
  • A crescent moon bracelet in rose gold, which is probably not my favourite tone of jewelry but it is a nice bracelet.
  • Bone Crier’s Moon, with their exclusive cover version. I have to say that usually I love their exclusive covers loads but this one is just a bit more close up and blue so I ended up preferring the original one (not that this isn’t good, just not as good?) It also has golden sprayed edges.
  • A cute moon pouch (another item was inside it)
  • Oscar Wilde moon quote notebook. I like the artwork but what bugs me is that it is the same quote Fairyloot used in their moon themed box. There MUST be other wonderful quotes about the moon and magic and life to use rather than the same one used by others (I have this issue with just getting the same quotes over and over about the same topic, when there is so much to use and choose from and we fall into exactly the same ones over and over).
  • I squealed a tiny bit with the Moony puzzle because it is awesome and I love puzzles!
  • Wooden moon phases garland/bunting. Vixy loved it and so do it. It is gorgeous and was what was inside the little moon pouch.
  • A moon totebag.

All in all I really enjoyed the contents of the box, the only thing I wasn’t super keen was the quote choice but that is a relatively minor issue and more that it bothers me in general rather than exclusively about Owlcrate. And it definitely felt like a wonderful moon magic box.

Music of the Night Owlcrate Unboxing

The one thing I have to say about Owlcrate boxes so far is that they’re definitely making the effort to try ot be unique and have some special value item (either by the art and effort, or the item type). So let’s see what this one had, starting from the top left and going clockwise:

  • The theme card, I like the style so it was fitting for the theme.
  • Owlcrate socks, we all know I usually like socks if they’re soft and comfy and these are. And they are to celebrate Owlcrate’s anniversary 🙂
  • A Phantom of the Opera poster which was interesting to receive and I had to pile everything on it to keep it flat but really appreciated the fact it came rolled up and protected to avoid damage.
  • A mini portable speaker, which is the fun interesting item here and I was surprised and happy to see it in the box.
  • Ex libris cards with an owl and books, can’t complain at all.
  • A wooden plate in relief(it’s kinda carved?) with a quote from V. E. Schwab and the Monsters of Verity series.
  • A lip scrub which is probably the least interesting item for me and that I may not use.
  • Goblin Grove candle, it smells delicious.
  • The theme pin which is a great match to the featured read.
  • The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu. I am very curious and it is gorgeous so hoping it is a good book as it looks interesting.

As it tends to be, this was a great box once again and I was happy with the contents so it feels like good value for money.

A Power Within Owlcrate Unboxing

So far, Owlcrate has been the overall favourite in the office and it is not hard to see why. They seem to have the most interesting items and feel like quality plus less “you only get it if you like the fandom” and more “even if you’re into the the fandom, you’ll enjoy this item” which helps attract people to the box (they love it at work). So what did this box include?

Starting from the top left corner and going clockwise:

  • Chain of Gold sampler. Don’t care much about it, but sure others did.
  • Throne of Glass playing cards. I am very much a “do not want this item if it is SJM inspired”, but I swooned for the deck here. The cards are more hard plastic than card stock, a gorgoeus purple with a stunning gold design and they feel amazing when you shuffle them. The artwork is an added bonus which is gorgeous (even if I have no clue who they are).
  • The monthly pin just underneath the card box, probably not the best one but not bad.
  • Ok, this for me was the best item in the box. A bento box with cutlery set and space for it. Look at it. It has the clips on the side to ensure it closes, it is just SO good and a cute light green. Oh, and the symbols are from Mistborn series and all the metal allomancies, which is extra bonus.
  • Another unusual item and I am so happy to have it, a glasses cleaning cloth. With stunning artwork and it came in a cute pouch and I was like “heck yeah, one to keep”.
  • The Magicians inspired keyring. It is fun and has gone into my collection.
  • Metallic bookmark ruler stencil thing that is just a wonderful little gadget to have insire a book for an artist or ruler seeking fiend like me.
  • The theme card with a gorgoeus lilar background I was just happy with (the whole thing is great)
  • Finally, the book. All the Stars and Teeth which I don’t much about but I like the cover and I am intrigued to read it, so we shall see how that goes.

All in all, it had a few new items I haven’t seen in other boxes and that Bento box fully blew me away. It was a stunning box and it is still the favourite overall (some people preferred February’s Fairyloot box over this one in the office, but most thought the Bento was too good).

The Guinevere Deception Review

The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White

Rating: MoonKestrel Logo2 20px MoonKestrel Logo2 20px MoonKestrel Logo2 20px MoonKestrel Logo2 20px Grey

This book was one that came in Tales of Trickery Owlcrate, and a few of us decided to buddy read it. Now, from previous reading of the author’s books, I was a bit unsure if I’d like it as I haven’t really clicked much with her books. But this is a book about Guinevere, and Arthurian legend which automatically makes me want to give it a chance (which I did).

Guinevere is one of those “naive, don’t know much about the world and the reader discovers through my eyes”. This kinda works but at the same time it doesn’t. Maybe because I’ve read other books about King Arthur and watched Merlin and all that, that the whole “oh, discover the world” wasn’t as intriguing and got old relatively fast. But it did help see the interpretation of the Arthurian world int he book, and how magic is banned and there’s some magic supporters but it is a tough decision for Arthur and he’s sticking by it.

Now, we know little of Guinevere except that she isn’t actually her and has another name she has to forget (mild spoiler alert: we never really find out her name, she conveniently forgets it, somehow, which really put me off because it is solely for the purpose fo making you read the next book). And she knows magic and is being married of to Arthur so she can protect him and make sure everything is fine. I found the concept of the whole she isn’t who she is, and the “is magic good or should it be banned, but there’s bad magic?” intriguing.

However, this quickly became a guide to “knot magic” without actually even telling you how to do the know magic. What do I mean by this? Her magic is knots, and she makes them for everything. So every few pages, she decides she needs magic to protect Arthur or set a warning or some odd thing and goes on about needing knots and how the knot makes magic but it isn’t like Merlin’s magic. And it gets old fast as there is nothing new there except what we already know from fae lore and from Arthurian legend.

In general, the book feels like it dragged to try to make a full book just to sell more books into the story. Some fo the twists on characters were refreshing and made me like the book, but it just felt like it dragged and some of the twists felt like they went against everything and were plot characters rather than actual fleshed out characters and solely relied on you being familiar with Arthurian legend (or maybe not so you don’t care) to fill in the gaps.

All in all, I just really wish this had been a duology or a better fleshed book. There’s not enoguh of the magic explained, and just barely anything explained to move the plot forward much except sending Arthur on adventures to keep him busy so Guinevere can do more knots (I ended up rolling my eyes at this all after a while), and getting cryptic chapters to fill int he gaps with more useful information (that only really gets useful closer to the middle-end).

Not sure if I will buy the next one or read it. Depends on if someone thinks it is great and redeems the story.

Vengenace Will Be Mine Owlcrate Unboxing

First box of the year, and it is still doing quite well, even if it wasn’t the best box of the month (Moon & Stars Fairyloot really took them all by a lot, but as I said in that review, it is obvious they really wanted to do that box), so let’s see what the contents were, starting on the theme card on the far right and going clockwise:

  • Theme card, I liked the simple artwork as it does great with negative space.
  • Mug, it is for HP5 and I am slowly trying to collect them. In general mugs win specially with this shape or a gorgeous artwork and this one has both of those things.
  • Monthly pin, probably not my favourite but this is the only monthly collectible item I am actually happy with as a concepy even if I am not always utterly in love with the pin, in general they are stunning.
  • A pill keeper (there’s a better term for this, I am sure), it even has a mirror (why do they come with a mirror?) and it is an interesting useful item to have in a book box, plus it is discreet but bookish.
  • Candle, with an interesting scent, I think burning it will smell different than what it does at first opening, it is subtle and I am curious.
  • Map from Lord of the Rings, probably my least favourite item from the box since I am not generally into hanging things and this type of banners, but it is still cool.
  • Crooked Kingdom socks! I love socks in boxes spceially when they are good quality soft ones with gorgeous designs.
  • And finally, the book, Scavenge the Stars. The cover change was a bit odd, but I still like it, not sure which one is my favoruite to be fair.

All in all it wa a good box, maybe not their best, but usually if the box has a mug, that’s the “star” item and the rest are just there to help it along and despite it, it didn’t feel too bad for having a mug in it. Looking forward to the next box!

Tales of Trickery Owlcrate Unboxing

Since it is almost the time when book boxes start shipping for January, let’s do some unboxings of the ones that came through in December. For today, it is Owlcrate. I’ve been getting them on and off. My first Owlcrate was I think their 4th box of them all, way back in 2015 (if I remember correctly), and I kept it going for quite a while until it was the same items with just a little difference. I stopped and then restarted it recently as the quality went up again.

So let’s unbox this one, starting with the book in the bottom left:

  • The Guinevere Deception by Kiersten White. It was highly hinted this would be the book for December, and I am glad. Even though blue is one of my favourite colours, the green cover version they gave us is stunning. Underneath it has emerald foiling and white hardcovers.
  • Mount Ruin candle. It smells delicious and warm and cosy (maybe not actually like doom, but I am okay with that).
  • A book sleeve with a quote from Sorcery of Thorns. It is a good size, which is something I like (my favourite so far was one that has a front pocket and a popper button on the top so it is extra secure plus can add other things up front.
  • Theme card.
  • A set of colouring pencils that are meant to accompany the next item…
  • A colouring book of all the yearly pin designs that have been included in Owlcrate. I thought this was an awesome idea and a way of making the most of the amazing designs. Not only as a pin but bonus colouring book!
  • A hand warmer, based on Sky in the Deep. This was great to receive because I had been raving about them in the office and when I unboxed it, I could show it to my colleagues easily.
  • Earmuffs. A win for me since they are relatively portable and cute and comfortable. And a unique item.
  • The pin of the month.

In general I liked this box, it is very well coordinated in colour and even though not all items feel like Tales of Trickery, they do give me a cooridnated vibe and I like it.

Through the Enchanted Forest Owlcrate Unboxing

Returning slowly from the hiatus that being ill caused (no energy to write or schedule or anything), with November’s Owlcrate. It was definitely a whimsical type of box, so starting from the book on the bottom left and going clockwise:

  • Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw. I LOVE this version of the cover, it gives me a much more wintery feel than the original.
  • The “star” of the box, a blanket licensed by Holly Black. I like the artwork and colours. I just wish the blankets in book boxes were a bit bigger (but it isn’t a specifically Owlcrate, any box that does).
  • A moth pin, also gorgeous.
  • A Reading Planner. Gosh I find this stunning and each year it is better but I am TERRIBLE at any kind of tracking/planning (I am a mood reader and very much a “this book is kinda coming out soon let’s read the proof”) for anything. Can’t keep a journal, can’t do even daily or weekly planners, they just don’t stick and I feel so sad about that because this is stunning and the best.
  • A wooden ornament. This is going on my Christmas tree. It is pretty, elegant and just nice.
  • Gorgeous stickers. I need more stickers that are cute and matching the theme in my life.
  • Metallic bookmark. Wasn’t terribly impressed with the design but like the metallic part of it.
  • Theme card. It is so pretty.
  • And quote print thing. As you all should know, I am not generally a “print” anything, and quotes are nice but I am not fussed unless it is something that was special to me and I doubt that’d go for everyone.

All in all it matches the theme, had gorgeous items and a wonderful cover. No complaints here.

Dawn of a New World Owlcrate Unboxing

A very late unbpxing of October’s Owlcrate (I did open it a while ago, but forgot to post about it, woops). It had two books and an item that as soon as I saw it and others too it was a comment of “it is perfect for me/you”. So let’s unbox, starting from the top left and going clockwise:

  • Crier’s War by Nina Varela. Androids and humans in an interesting world, so excited to read it!
  • An Illuminae book tin, each side has a quote from one of the books. It is dark and intriguing and a bit cryptic and I like it.
  • I Hope You Get This Message by Farah Naz Bishi, the world is ending and I am not sure about this book but intrigued!
  • A Warcross inspired sticker, it is very holographic and I like it.
  • Magnetic bookmarks, probably the item I was the least excited about since I like the arts but do not particularly like the item.
  • Theme card.
  • The pin of the month, wasn’t my favourite but its kinda retro and cute.
  • Finally, the item I loved the most, a moon necklace with circuitry. It is inspired by the Lunar Chronicles which I haven’t read and not bothered but absolutely fell in love with the charm and necklace. It is amazing.

Fear the night Owlcrate Unboxing

For some reason, Owlcrate does their “spooky” box in September (not that I am complaining because then my unboxing post can happen in October!) and this was a good spooky box.

Starting from the top left with the book and going clockwise:

  • The Bone Houses, and an “inverted” cover for the black background to white and the white lettering to black. Still gorgeous, very excited about the book!
  • A Penguin Classic Horror (The Haunting of Hill House), I was never going to love this one as I am not a horror person but someone will so no biggie. Plus it is an extra book.
  • A spooky print which I liked it.
  • The monthly pin inspired by the book.
  • Theme zine
  • Skeleton fingerless gloves. I love that they are very long, my dog chewed up the last pair from a previous Owlcrate, so this was perfect timing (and they are being kept well out of the reach of the dog).
  • Coffee. My biggest issue is the coffee label has little to no information. I still think it could easily have a label with details on the back (as this is obviously blended/flavoured coffee, good for allergens, etc). But I like coffee, so not bad and this one smells real good.
  • A sampler of The Beautiful, not intersted at all but cool.
  • Theme card, I like the artwork.
  • A trinket dish which is very pretty but I already have two that I am using and have no need for more (otherwise I would keep it, it is nice).

All in all a well packed box with lots of nice interesting useful things and lots of spooky in it but not too much (at least in my taste).

Storms and Seas Owlcrate Unboxing

A dark and stormy box with a nice blue theme (I like blue). And it was probably not as good as other boxes for me, but it was interesting. Let’s see what was in it, from left and going clockwise.

  • House of Salt and Sorrows, inspired by the twelve dancing princesses, so I am very curious.
  • Theme card, with a melancholic picture.
  • A tea light lantern. I find it cute but will probably never use it sadly.
  • The Little Mermaid inspired bath salts, looking forward to using it.
  • The monthly collectible pin, which is nice.
  • An exclusive bookmark to match the book (it is gorgeous)
  • Anothe bookmark, but wooden. It is very nice but it is too thick to really use inside a book which is a shame. I have to say, wooden bookmarks in general are not my thing, they are either too flimsy and feel like they’ll easily break or are too thick and can’t be used nicely.
  • Sea Witch tea, which I am curious to try, we shall see, but I like it is a relatively small satchet so if I don’t like it it will be fine (though I doubt that)
  • A pencil tin case, cute but I don’t use them, so a bit sad, but it is very pretty.

In general it had a lot of really nice things but most of them just aren’t the type of objects I’d use or enjoy. I can appreciate that they are nice and look good but alas it isn’t a good value this time.

Tournaments & Trials Owlcrate Unboxing

I was eagerly awaiting this box and I am glad to have got it (and it made me decide to change form a monthly subscription to a 6 month one, since I have enjoyed most of the recent past Owlcrate boxes). So let’s unbox this one, starting from the book and going clockwise:

  • Spin the Dawn, this time the exclusive cover is a very subtle change (from silver title to gold) which I am glad for, as this is a gorgeous cover.
  • A jigswa puzzle in a carry pouch (300 pcs). This one made me super happy as I love jigsaws and it was in a handy pouch rather than a big box.
  • Theme card.
  • The collective pin to match the book, very gorgeous too.
  • A Cara Kozik mug for HP4, gorgeous as usual.
  • Playing cards set with each deck changed into one of the Londons from A Darker Shade of Magic. Love this idea.
  • A cute money purse, zippered.
  • Kingdom of souls promotional postcard.
  • The Selection inspired lankyard. I am not into this fanodm but I love the fact that this lankyard is perfect even if you don’t do the fandom and it is pretty neutral.
  • The print that is the puzzle which is a quote print too. Wow, that felt convoluted.

All in all full of gorgeous details and items, so very happy with this box.

Libraries of Wonder Owlcrate Unboxing

I mean with a theme like that, hard to resist, right? (Also, sorry this is a boring picture, I was between puzzles decorating my table so didn’t have a “background” except the actual table. Woops) And I have to say it was definitely worth it. Let’s do the unboxing from top left corner and going clockwise:

  • Theme card and zine. I generally enjoy the artwork and this isn’t the exception.
  • Key shaped gel pen. It is a gorgeous blue key, and it is a pen, and even better, it is a gel pen (the only thing that could top up this is if it was a fountain pen!)
  • Underneath it is a tote bag inspired by Strange the Dreamer. I like the bag it has a more “bottom” shaped design which made it a bit more useful for carrying stuff as it keesp shape nicely.
  • Book Beau coffee. This smells good but I am frustrated to no end as there are NO instructions on it, or anything that says how fine the coffee has been grinded, or literally anything useful (is it just coffee? does it have some spices grinded into it? Who knows?!). I even tried searching Book Beau’s site and she has zero info about the coffee, not even ifn their FAQ.
  • Metal bookends which are Narnia themed (and it was easy to see that and they are freaking gorgeous!)
  • The collectible pin. I have to say the pins have only gotten better each box. And this one is utterly gorgeous
  • Spoiler card
  • Gorgeous coasters. I love the style of them, they feel vintage but not tacky or what everyone else has, they’re unique.
  • Sorcery of Thorns sticker.
  • The book, I like this cover and I like the original and I am looking forward to reading the book.

All in all, a very strong box from Owlcrate, I am quite pleased except for the whole coffee without ANY useful information on it (please, if you’re senidng coffee, hot chocolate, tea, have a list of ingredients, some helpful info!). The rest of it is gorgeous and dreamy and fits the theme perfectly.

Epic Adventures Owlcrate Unboxing

May’s Owlcrate had the theme of Epic Adventures and I am a bit unsure on it. I mean, it fits the book really well, but I mean more on the items. So I will do the unboxing, starting on the theme card on the top left and going clockwise:

  • Theme card, the artwork is cute and at the same time full of longing.
  • Underneath everything there is a pillowcase that is what I would put in a kids room if I had a child or a guest room. I would need a matching duvet to go with this if I were to use it. Plus I don’t use pillows so pillow covers don’t do much for me. (And even I did this one doesn’t do much anyway).
  • A sleep mask, which I like except that is the design that is in everything SJM themed and like yeah, love a sleep mask, SO tired of the SJM mountains and stars and quote thing. There are many other options that could be quoted on a sleeping mask.
  • The collectible pin which was designed by the author of the book, so woohoo as that is pretty neat, right?
  • A sticker for Howl’s Moving Castle which is super cute and one of my favourite things from this box.
  • The book, We Hunt the Flame which I had been looking forward to so happy to have this one and it has silver instead of gold and somehow I like that more so bonus points.
  • Character artwork.
  • A passport wallet. This is a fun idea and I like it but I have never been sold on it as you still need to get your passport out of the holder when you’re going through customs… But the wallet is nice nevertheless.
  • A glass water bottle. It is smallish and apparently it has broken for people (it does come with tbhe caveat that it appears it isn’t tempered glass, and well, it really should be). Haven’t used it but a glass water bottle doesn’t appeal to me and bottles with just quotes on them in pretty calligraphy aren’t my thing anyway.

That’s all there was, the box felt a bit weaker this time than previous months and that’s a bit sad. Hopefully June’s box will be nicer.

The Dark Side Owlcrate Unboxing

I am warming up to Owlcrate boxes. The theme for this one was The Dark Side, and I am very very glad they didn’t include anything Star Wars in it, but instead the whole box felt dark and murdery but also gorgeous. Let’s check the contents, starting from the bottom right and going clockwise:

  • Wicked Saints with an exclusive cover colour which makes it look even darker than the original one (I really like both)
  • An exclusive fabric book map for Wicked Saints, it is like a silk handkerchief and I like that. May use it as a fun handkerchief or headscarf or something.
  • Vicious isnpired phone holder (like a pop socket) which I enjoy a lot. Again, I am a bit confused on how many phones book boxes think we have, but I guess at least one fo the thingies they send will be to my liking (this one it).
  • Pin banner, neither here nor there for me but it has more effort than a similar attempt by another box, so yeah, happier about it.
  • And on top of it, the collectible pin of the month, inspired by a necklace worn in the book .
  • Theme card (there was also a themed zine but I don’t keep those).
  • A shorthand notebook (the style that it has the spiral on top rather than on the side) with a quote from one of Sarah J. Maas’ book which isn’t the same star one as always and it doesn’t bother me so much. The notebook is gorgoeus with hard cover and back so useful.
  • Finale sampler. Not bothered but samplers are usually bonus that I pass on.
  • Six of Crows socks, I love socks and this are red! I don’t have many red socks (yeah not crazy about Six of Crows, but I like socks)
  • A Grisha scarf underneath it all. This is my favourite item. It is a lighter scarf than what bookboxes usually include and it has a gorgeous tone of purple that almost seems like a gradient. The design is Grisha but even if I am not in the fandom it is just “specific and generic” enough I can wear it and get lots of compliments. Because it is lighter, it has made it through the “it is getting warmer” part of the year and I am still wearing a scarf (this one).

All in all a nice box, with a lot of things I liked and few I didn’t (which is always a bonus for me). I am still keeping this one as on and off but for now it is ore on than off. Keep it up Owlcrate people!