Picklewitch and Jack

Picklewitch and Jack by Claire Barker

The dreadful strangers moved in on a wild and windy Thursday.
‘Fudgenuts,’ cursed Picklewitch, adjusting her cracked binoculars to get a better view of the comings-and-goings. ‘This won’t do at all. I bet they haven’t even bought me any cake.’

Picklewitch is, quite literally, out of her tree. She has a nose for naughtiness, a taste for trouble and a weakness for cake. And unluckily for brainbox Jack – winner of the ‘Most Sensible Boy in School’ for the third year running – she’s about to choose him as her new best friend . . .

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This was an odd cute book I read for Februwitchy. I got wind of it thanks to Asha and decided to puy and had had it on my shelves for a while.

My absolute favoruite thing was all the illustrations on it. They are super fun and have so many details that as you read and see the illustrations you go “ohh look at that tiny detail, and that one and that one too”. Gorgeous, seriously.

The story is fun but it had me struggling to like Picklewithc as she is causing poor Jack so much grief and he already has enough complications as it is. But her antics were funny and I also had a soft spot for her, so it was a very contradictive read where I wasn’t sure what I wanted exactly to happen and was torn between rooting for him or her.

The friendship part was nice and that school can be better with frineds and colleagues, and it touches a little on bullies. In general a fun read however for me the biggest struggle was that some of the things Picklewitch did, if she had done them to me I would’ve been devastated and questioned the whole concept of her “friendship” and just wanted to run away. But Jack somehow stoically keeps going on. Poor Jack.

Grimoire Noir Review

Grimoire Noir by Vera Greentea and Yana Bogatch

It tells the story of a town where every woman is a witch, and what happens when one of them goes missing.

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With a name like that, it ewas hard to resist and the artwork caught my eye even further. This was a preorder and it cameon a grey day so it was the perfect read.

The book is a witchy mystery in a town full of secrets where every female (girls at a certain age and women) has some kind fo magic power, but they can’t leave the town or they will lose their powers and may not survive the “barrier” that keeps them in.

It is an interesting world, and it made me wonder if it was worth having magic if you’re stuck to a small town and area? I guess it’d depend on what the people in town are.

The story follows a young man, who’s sister has disappeared, and she was a very powerful witch even if a little bit young. He thinks it is foul play and something is going on, but the police aren’t really helping so he decides to investigate on his own.

As he investigates you get to see more and more fo the inhabitants of the town and the town itself. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it had a tiny bit of scary but mostly it was trying to solve the mystery of what happened to his sister and why.

The ending is interesting as it can be the end but there could be another book. I hope there’s another but if there isn’t, I am happy a is.

If you like graphic novels, witchy stuff or magic, and/or mysteries in small towns and close knit communities, this is a great one to read.

Witches in the Woods Book Box Club Unboxing

Another one fo the few pictures I had where I was changing puzzles, so no nice background (now you see why I do puzzles to decorate my table? It’s so dull and sad). The theme for this box is an awesome one and the contents are lovely too. Starting on the top left corner and going counterclockwise (for a change):

  • Perfectly Preventable Deaths by Deirdre Sullivan. A very atmospheric witchy read I am enjoying a lot.
  • Vegan caramel marshmallows. I love them. Probably too much as there are none left. Sad face. I need more.
  • A coaster for Sabrina the Teenage Witch (the Netflix version), I haven’t watched it but I like the coaster, it is very nice and quite flat.
  • A promotional postcard.
  • Clubhouse invite. I love that they are personalised. One of my favoruite things here.
  • Tangleweed and Brine, the second bonus book of this box! I love the blue in this edition.
  • Perfectly Preventable Deaths print. I am tempted to find a quote to write in the space inside the glass dome.
  • A herbal hand cream, with a citrusy scent and in a decent size (which means it will be used up rather than languish forever in my house).
  • Forbidden Forest mug, very cute. My only dislike is that it is an enamel mug and those I use a lot less as they get hot too quickly and can burn your hand unless you’re camping or somewhere super cold.
  • The theme card which is gorgeous and fits the theme beautifully.

All in all, a nice box, stuck to theme and feels magica and lovely.